Conor Herbert

A Melbourne-based screenwriter, photographer and music commentator. As well as having written a handful of feature film scripts, Conor's written about hip hop albums for Genius and Lucifer's Monocle, interned in Los Angeles and crewed on many short films. His passion for music journalism comes from a deep love of hip hop and an interest in examining the inner workings of artistry. His favourite album is Kanye West's 808s and Heartbreak, his favourite food is pasta and his favourite time of day is sometime around 9:30pm.


Teddy Hookey

Teddy Hookey is a Melbourne-based musician whose interests extend into the broader artistic landscape. He is an economics and Mandarin student playing drums in Mister Savage (his own project), and is involved with the likes of Small Town Alien and Harry Hookey touring throughout Australia. His passion for business and the arts instilled an interest in helping talented artists showcase their work. If you have got something cool going on, Teddy wants to know about it.

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Adrian Beqiri

Adrian is an Arkansas native who has been experimenting with film since the 7th grade. Over the last three years he has released over one hundred short films and three feature-length films on his Youtube channel The Mooring Line, all of which he wrote, directed, and edited himself. He loves abstract and unconventional storytelling and has been influenced heavily by David Lynch, Alejandro Jodorowsky, Hideaki Anno, and George Lucas. His side interests include pizza, vaporwave, and Super Smash Bros.


Rayne Cottrell

rayne cottrell was born N Conway, Arkansas N 1994 & received her BFA from University of Central Arkansas N 2017, with an emphasis N Printmaking. much like ze way she lives her everyday Life; cottrell enjoys creating <~A~><R><~T~> with a vivacious curiosity & playfulness—unbound 2 rules. with an appreciation 4 intense Thought & Thoughtful Color—You can expect ze unexpected when experiencing her work. while she may come off as careless 2 ze unscrupulous viewer—each of her seemingly chaotic decisions (B it N Art or on twitter); R put 4th meticulously & w care. 


Karen Eriksen

Melbourne-born and based, Karen can be found lugging art supplies across RMIT campus by day, then cooking pasta to fuel her late night painting antics. Her creative production revolves around classic figurative oil painting, served in a contemporary manner. Inspired by ideas of human frailty and the exposition of weakness and desires, her works favour a reductive approach to intimate composition.


Harry Hookey

Harry Hookey is a musical artist based in Australia. His passion for music has led him to tour all over Australia as well as in the USA, Africa, Europe and China. He can often be seen playing with his brothers (the Hookey brothers) or playing shows solo with nothing other than some words and an acoustic guitar. Harry has been ARIA nominated for his work, and performed with artists such as Lucinda Williams, Tim Rogers and Paul Kelly. Aside from music, Harry paints and writes short stories for children.


Jack Hookey

A music producer from Gippsland, Victoria, Jack makes his own songs but occasionally produces for other artists too. He makes songs about love, death, penises, marijuana and Grand Theft Auto. He also raps and make ads when he's in the mood.

He has a mullet.


Sam Hookey

Sam Hookey is a Melbourne based keyboard player, harmony singer, banjo shredder and producer. Heavily influenced by jazz and ragtime styles, he plays alongside his brother Teddy in their outfit Mister Savage. As well as that, he plays with his brothers Jack and Harry in their own projects, has featured on ARIA nominated albums and produces his own works. On top of this, he is a fully qualified biomechanical engineer but prefers speaking French, shredding on the keys and dancing.


Kai Perringon

Kai Perrignon is a USA-born, Melbourne-based screenwriter, director, and occasional film critic. He has seen a couple thousand films, and though his favourites range in taste, he’s recently begun to delve deep into the annals of trash cinema. Still, he’s a romantic at heart; his screenplays explore ideas of connection, cynicism, and alienation in a confusing world. His works have a special interest in de-stigmatising mental illness.


Georgia Sexton

A Melbourne native, Georgia spends her days exploring the powerful collision between science and the arts. A music lover who dabbles in acting, she completed a bachelor of biomedicine in 2017, majoring in human structure and function. When she's not memorising the twelve cranial nerves, Georgia can be found translating her fascination with human anatomy into visual art, experimenting with life drawing, printmaking, or the odd splash of watercolour. Her realistic style reflects ideas of beauty, perception and human nature. Georgia is also an obsessive baker and can usually be counted on for a batch of fudgy brownies or a decadent lemon tart.


Alex Vasquez

Alex Vasquez has been developing his photography and cinematography skills for over three years and each day learns something new. From shooting photos for his university's school newspaper to helping film videos for an advertising agency, Alex has been learning the ropes and hopes to continue seeing where the journey takes him. Alex is currently studying Communications at San Diego State University.